Sea Ports Corporation

Till 1904 Swakin was the only Sudanese port at the RED SEA and it was an important commercial center and a pilgrims port Construction of Port ,Sudan started on 1905 – it has been officially inaugurated in 1909 by the Second khedewi of Egypt Abas Helimi .In 1974 Sea Ports Corporation ( SPC) was established as one of the ministry of transport sectors and as an independent Sudanese maritime body headed by a Board of Directors.

south port


Located south of the entrance to Port Sudan, and the length of the fold of the southern port (1765) meters and an average width of 500 meters, in addition to the total area of the southern port (1480000) square meters ...

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North Port


The total length of the Northern Port is about 2845 meters and the average width about 300 meters possesses 27 stores with a total of 57 thousand square meters , with capacity of 5 million tons per year , it is comprises of 11 berths with a total length of 1663 meters and depth varies between (8.7) to (10.7) meters in addition to a two berths in the exportation of livestock which used now of 122 meters length and depth of (6.1) meters on Barges.

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Services provided

  • Pilotage

  • Refueling

  • Fire-fighting

  • Pollution control

  • Repair and maintenance

  • Handling Services