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Port of elkheer … High trading rates for petroleum products

The port has witnessed a great movement in the movement of tankers in the past few days, which unloaded large quantities of petroleum products. Currently, the port is witnessing the unloading of a number of tankers. In the coming days, a number of tankers will arrive.
In the past three months, Port El Khair has received about 15 tankers, with a total tonnage of 628 thousand metric tons. Al-Khair port is characterized by high operating rates and optimal implementation of the successive tanker program.

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Port Hidop receives the ship albaraka 1

On Tuesday, 1 May 2018, in the presence of the Deputy Director General of Operations, Captain Mahmoud Sayed Ahmed, and a number of officials, administrative leaders and exporters, the work was inaugurated at the port of Hidob for the export of cattle, vegetables and fruit. And the readiness of the port to receive and export cattle and that the port will provide all related aids and will be shipping operations according to the rules and regulations governing the progress of work

The Qatari Ambassador launches the cranes and lunches

The Ambassador of the State of Qatar, Rashid Bin Abdulrahman Al Nuaimi, arrived in Port Sudan from Khartoum on 26/4/2018. He was received at the airport by the Deputy Governor of the State of the Red Sea and the Minister of Environment of Tourism of the State, the Deputy Directors General of the Maritime Ports Authority and a number of media leaders. The launch of a number of operating equipment provided by the State of Qatar to Sudan, represented by the number of (9) parcels of (2) Cranes with a load ranging from (70) to (100) tons (4) Sprider handles (1) Service.
On the occasion of the inauguration ceremony, the representative of the Minister of Tourism in the Wilayat of Qatar welcomed the Qatari Ambassador and his thanks and appreciation to the State of Qatar and the people of Qatar.

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The inauguration of the port of Sawakin this month

Qatari Ambassador to Khartoum Rashid Abdul Rahman Al-Nuaimi announced the start of work in the rehabilitation and development of the port of Sawakin during the month of April, indicating that the agreement signed between Khartoum and Doha for the development of the port will benefit the peoples of the two countries.
Al-Nuaimi told SMC that the work in the port of Suakin will be in three stages, pointing out the many benefits that will be given to the Sudan as the port of economic transit to
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Government of the State of Qatar The Authority shall issue a shipment of operating equipment

The ship Annemeke docked on Thursday, 19/4/2018 in the northern port and began to unload its cargo on the same day, consisting of (9) parcels of (2) mobile cranes weighing between (70) to (100) tons (4) (2) Linsh service with Indian technicians for the installation process. This equipment is a gift from the Government of the State of Qatar to the Sudanese Maritime Ports Authority as a beginning for joint cooperation and steamship directly from Sheikh Hamad port.

No impact of ship sinking on maritime traffic

The Shahin ship belonging to its owner was hit by an elite road to an accident that occurred on Tuesday 10/4/2018 in Slite, three nautical miles from the port of Port Sudan. The ship is not affected by maritime traffic. The Maritime Authority will be published in accordance with the requirements.
The ship Shaheen, a general cargo ship carrying the flag of Panama and the flag of Sierra Leone arrived at Port

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Visit the US border port of Port Sudan

The US Border Guard will arrive in Port Sudan on Sunday, April 8, 2018, in a visit to Port Sudan Port, as part of the exchange of visits, utilization of technology, development and coastal monitoring mechanisms, port facilities and security and safety systems at sea ports. Last year in the same context.

The Maritime Ports Authority salutes the Public Service Day

The Authority of Maritime Ports and within the requirements of the reform of the State has revived the day of public service, which witnessed the attendance of a mass rally on Tuesday, the third of April 2018 under the patronage and honor of the Director-General Dr. Abdul Hafiz Saleh Ali and the Deputy Directors General and directors of departments and representatives of the union.

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Sudan and Qatar sign an agreement to develop the port of Osman Dokna

The Sudanese-Qatari joint talks on the development of Prince Othman Dokneh Port in Swakin, Red Sea State, were held this morning at the Ministry of Transport, Roads and Bridges
The Sudanese side was headed by Engineer Makkawi Mohamed Awad, Minister of Transport, Roads and Bridges, while the Minister of Communications and Communications, Jassem bin Saif bin Al-Sulaiti, headed the Qatari side.

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Minister of Transport: An agreement with Qatar in the field of seaports

Eng. Makkawi Mohamed Awad, Minister of Transport, Roads and Bridges, signed an agreement to renew agreements and partnerships between Sudan and Qatar in the field of sea ports.

He made a statement during his visit to the port of Sawakin accompanied by Qatar’s Minister of Communications and Communications Jassem bin Saif Al Sulaiti and Director General of the Maritime Ports Authority Dr. Abdul

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The Director General directs the empowerment of specialists

On the basis of the importance of the meetings and their role in facilitating the work cycle, Dr. Abdul Hafiz Saleh Ali, the Director General, said that the importance of the meetings and their role in facilitating the work cycle should be specialized and appropriate decisions should be taken to solve the problems. Arrange good and appropriate for each meeting and select items in advance.

The operating meeting reviewed the operational performance of the operating ports and the performance track in each department

Arrival of the Director General of the sea Ports corpration

The Director General of the sea ports corpration, General Abdulhafid Saleh Ali, arrived yesterday in Port Sudan. He was received by a number of legislative, legal, executive and security leaders. He held a meeting with the department directors in the presence of Dr. Jalaluddin Mohammed Ahmed Shalia, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Transport, Roads and Bridges.

The body deposits a planet and receives a planet

This is the life that does not last on one condition in all kinds and according to its nature in which we find multiple areas and the difference of any area of ​​the other according to the task of any person and we find the director and the employee and the worker and the doctor and the engineer does not settle on a single task so as not to stop and an example so can not be all members of the community managers And can not be the use of this wisdom of God Almighty to continue this life without interruption in all kinds.

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The training department carries out important courses for port work

In the belief that the vision and ideas of training to the ground and the relentless pursuit by the training management system to achieve the major objectives of creating a qualified cadre capable of performing the tasks assigned to him in full, the Training Department carried out during the month of February a number of important courses related to port work centered around ( Safety, first aid, warehouse security, coastal navigation and electronic

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Minister of State at the Ministry of Finance announces a plan to develop the maritime transport industry in Sudanese ports

Minister of State in the Ministry of Finance and Chairman of the Regional Center for Consulting and Training Dr. Abdul Rahman Dharar explained the importance of the Center in the localization of the maritime transport industry in Sudan and the development of human resources as a competitive advantage.
The meeting of the Board of Directors of the Regional Center for Consulting and Training, which was attended by the

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