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No impact of ship sinking on maritime traffic

The Shahin ship belonging to its owner was hit by an elite road to an accident that occurred on Tuesday 10/4/2018 in Slite, three nautical miles from the port of Port Sudan. The ship is not affected by maritime traffic. The Maritime Authority will be published in accordance with the requirements.
The ship Shaheen, a general cargo ship carrying the flag of Panama and the flag of Sierra Leone arrived at Port

Sudan on 4/4/2013 and was subjected to a judicial reservation for several times was the first judicial custody of her on 7/4/2013 and on 15/4/2016 was decoupled by judicial The court ordered the owner of the elite road to travel. He was granted permission to travel by the port authorities. The ship left the port of Sallit, which is three nautical miles from the port. On 8/4/2018, the ship came to Milan and requested assistance. The ship sank on 10/4/2018 and the crew of the sailors was rescued A – As the ship were not carrying any cargo and no contamination occurs in the sinking of the ship area was requested technical information from the crew of the ship in case of any contamination.
Port authorities have set up specialized investigation committees to identify the causes of ship sinking.

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