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Port of elkheer … High trading rates for petroleum products

The port has witnessed a great movement in the movement of tankers in the past few days, which unloaded large quantities of petroleum products. Currently, the port is witnessing the unloading of a number of tankers. In the coming days, a number of tankers will arrive.
In the past three months, Port El Khair has received about 15 tankers, with a total tonnage of 628 thousand metric tons. Al-Khair port is characterized by high operating rates and optimal implementation of the successive tanker program.

Captain Abdul Wahab Ali Al-Rih, Director of Port Al-Khair, said that Al-Khair port is witnessing a distinguished situation. For the first time, the port has been scheduled to arrange for transporters. This has facilitated the operations of regular operation with maximum safety. The amount of ethanol fuel released

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