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The Ports Authority’s desalination plants in Suakin are a qualitative leap in solving the water problem in the state.

All water desalination plants in the state suffer from chronic malfunctions that have led to their being out of service, and the Maritime Ports Authority has made an appreciable effort to fill this shortage through the Water Desalination Department in the General Administration of Services.As a result of the accumulated experience in this field, the Services Department has made a qualitative leap recently by adding new desalination plants in Suakin that have recently been completed.

The project of desalination plants for the Ports Authority in Suakin was implemented from 6/17/2021 to 9/14/2021 at a cost of 135 billion Sudanese pounds. The stations were installed in two phases. The project aims to cover the water need in Suakin city by 100%. And the Hawja dam of the homes of the authority in Suakin, in addition to work sites such as the sidewalk, offices and departments affiliated with the authority.

In addition to supplying ships and the Hawja dam, which exported livestock. Hawja dam all cell, prisons and schools in the city of Suakin. As well as contributing to the Hoja dam on occasions (joys and sorrows), in addition to supplying all health centers and the hospital. The productivity of these stations is 300 tons per day, as the stations operate 24 hours a day without interruption.

The technical specifications of the desalination plants in Suakin were developed in the year 2018, and a geophysical study was carried out for drilling wells in December 2018. Two artesian wells were drilled and a gable was constructed with an area of ​​(8*12) to accommodate the stations.

According to the procurement and contracting procedures, the bid was sorted in the year 2019 and the winning companies were 29 companies. The first was the Italian Astro company to supply two completely ready stations, at an amount of 568,500 euros, equivalent to 300 billion Sudanese pounds.

The second is the UAE Bucket Company, with an amount of (1,266976) million and two hundred and sixty-six UAE dirhams, which is equivalent to 152 million Sudanese pounds, and this amount does not include the installation of stations. And the installation was done with the team of the supplier company, which represents 30% of the purchase value, which is equivalent to 50,000,000 (fifty million Sudanese pounds).

Under the directives of the Director of the General Administration of Social Services, the stations were installed by engineers and technicians from the Sea Ports Authority to provide the amount of foreign labor for the authority.

The second offer was accepted from the UAE Pact Company because it is the least expensive, and the stations were supplied in July of the year 2021 AD, and the installation of the stations was actually started on June 17, 2021 AD, where two engineers were dispatched from the Pact Company to supervise the installation work, trial operation and delivery A number of (3) engineers and (10) workers from the Sea Ports Authority participated in the installation of the stations. It was installed in two stages.

First: Making all electrical connections between all parts of the stations and the control room. In the second phase: All chemical and physical works were completed, raw water connections were made to the stations and connections produced, and water quality measuring devices were calibrated. The trial run of the stations was carried out on August 29, 2021 AD, where all the results of the water produced were in conformity with the international specifications agreed upon in the concluded contract.

This Isave technology is the latest of its kind in the world to save electricity and in Sudan specifically in Suakin stations, where the cost of energy consumption per ton was (4,5) kilowatt-hours, which means saving more than 50% of the cost of total electrical energy consumption .



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