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Dock Yard

Dockyard work shops :
It is one of Sea Ports Corporation department included in mechanical engineering department, which come under the control of Dockyard, vessels manager.

Main Responsibilities:
a. Maintenance and repairing of small type of vessels
b. Over hulling and maintenance of small hips.
c. Maintenance of tools and marine engines and aux. Equipments.
d. Manufacturing of spare parts (production section) .
e. Others.

There Are Four Main Sections And Four Slipways Which Are:
a – Production section.
b – Mechanical section.

c – Shipbuilding section.
d – Slipways section.

For more information please contact:
Dockyard management :
Tel : 00249-311-25120
Fax : 00249-311-33052
E-MAIL : Dockyard@sudanports.gov.sd