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Port of Kosti Dry is a branch of the sea ports and is designed to support the movement of trade and facilitate the flow of exports and imports for the areas south and west and central Sudan and came to choose the city of Kosti, White Nile State to its strategic location outstanding and that through it realized cycle series multimodal transport Multimodal Transport ( River transport – railway Iron – Road transport ) and application delivery system in the case (just in Time) and the establishment of logistics centers logistic Centers and to create a value-added activities . Add to take advantage of assembling the raw materials for the industries in the hinterland Hinter Land and then to provide the quality of exports of high quality to compete in global markets .
Advantagesand facilities provided by the port of Kosti dry :
Port Kosti dry advantages accept all kinds of goods and commodities to the acquisition of feature ruling center- Trucial with all means of transport, which includes River transport – Railway – Road transport to all parts of the Sudan and accommodate all areas of background ripe and ready to receive all the elements of the port of transfer – deportation – dump – stacking – storage and handling and arenas and areas on the whole 2 × 1 km ( 2 million square meters ) by the store with an area of 100 m × 40 m and Mkhoznan an area of 50 × 20 meters , Add to this equipment and the mechanisms that contribute to the stevedoring and cargo and delivered with the possibility of opening opportunities for the establishment of Stores and warehouses and storage areas , especially the port .
– The port has offices for customers and the main actors , Trnath the weight of the goods – the position for trucks and private cars – Telecommunications services – Buffets – the cafeteria .
– Works port and single-window system that collects all segments of the enamel work (customs , standards and specifications , quarantine , quarantine , sincerely , shipping agents , bank window in one building are all clearance procedures from within .
– Dropped all routine procedures and amended accounting classes and receiving systems to accommodate the stage ( save money and time ) .
– Reduction of all salaries and fees of 25% , except for services pavement .
– Imports and exports of the South gives a 50% reduction from the floor .  – Empty containers awarded three free days after completion of discharge .
– Give messages port of Kosti and dry goods for a grace period of 15 days the port of Kosti dry .
– The possibility of providing temporary discharge (just in Time) , whether that was a container or goods or cars in case the container is unloaded the container on the back of the truck.
Elements of movement and multiple activities :
There is no doubt that the center is always a point of convergence that is similar to the development of the city of Kosti , so that represents a genuine link between the east, where the mouth and between the West and the South put pivotal included most of the arms transfers , which represents Tools movement of reciprocity , such as roads – railway – river transport , Add to that the concentration of the elements of the movement and activities of integrated multi- fields such as:-
– Agriculture : manure – burlap – pesticides – export – sugar – Feed – grains – forestry products .
– Animal : jabs – veterinary medicine – the export of livestock – leather – bones – manufacturing
– Industrial : Sugar – Cement – Moas – Mills …. etc. .
– Elements of Production: Esperat factories – oil – grease .
What absorbed through the port of activity: Construction :
– Sites of industrial companies and navigational and loyal and banks .
-Telecom sites .
-Refrigerated warehouses / stores unusual.
-Administrative offices .
– Transformative power station .
What produced this and the benefit to the parties :
– Corporate websites allows extended storage and floors without restrictions .
– Draw With Drawe system when needed and demand.
– Storage Security port instead of factories and sites .
Economic terms :
– Providing storage expenses main port and take advantage of the grace period .
– The provision of materials and aids in large quantities and near production sites are calculated for any emergency Willem transport
– Avoid the fluctuation of the exchange rate.
Required Documents ( of Sudan ) :
– Manifest offers 72 hours before docking the vessel is checked by Kosti separated containers .
– Is in transport over 48 hours of landing .
– Kosti carrying containers , especially the preamble of the port of shipment .
– Needed to be done locally Kosti Altdbej by proxy .
– When clearing the final preparation for the delivery of goods are recognized under a customs release + bill of lading ( ear  delivery) + port bill .

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