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Maritime Control

That effective participation in global trade must be across the maritime transport is an essential and important factor for economic development of the state and can not be that such participation is effective only through the establishment of marine management effective with the independence and authority vested enable it to play its role in supervision and regulation and oversight for all maritime activities represented in all relevant actors (ports – ships – seas – companies Mlahih- Agencies) Add to this renovation and the application of maritime laws and international conventions and the organization of the work of the sea and the development of ways and means of education and training in the maritime field, as well as the development of visions of navigational and national companies to cope with the global Almostagat in the media maritime transport and the rapid developments in the global maritime transportation system.

Functions and terms of reference of the Marine Control Department: –

Work on the application of the Sudanese Shipping Act, 2010
Supervision of the merchant marine and to ensure keep up with its international treaties in the maritime field.
Follow-up and application of international conventions in the maritime field, join and participate in meetings of the International Maritime Organization.
Maritime training institution coordination with the Navy by the national plan.
Sudanese registration and certification of ships and inspect them and control them.
The issuance of certificates of civil and efficiency of officers and engineers sailors.
Registration and issuance of Navy sailors books and supervision of boarding and disembarking from ships.
Ttqam Sudanese manning of ships and the issuance of certificates.
Sailors work to resolve the problems.
– Delegating the global rating agencies to issue some certificates.
– The application of international treaties, laws and resolutions of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) in the control vessels violating international treaties and procedures booked and reporting flag State of the ship, IMO violations that occur and the actions taken towards the offending ships
– The exchange of information and reports between countries in the field of vessel monitoring.
– Measuring the tonnage of ships and issue the necessary certificates.
– The adoption of building ships, tugs and barges floating in the shipyards lines after a review of construction plans, approval, follow-up and maintain construction operations, or authorized by international rating agencies.
– The application of international treaties to shipping lines and check and preview the ships that are shipped from the overloaded allowed to certificates in shipping lines and investigate the irregularities.
– Examination and inspection of dangerous goods and supervise the loading and unloading of dangerous goods stored in the control and ports.
– The prevention and control of marine pollution and the protection of the marine environment and marine pollution investigation into irregularities in coordination with the relevant parties.
– Participation in the investigation of marine accidents.
– Overseeing the search and rescue operations and to develop an emergency plan for the state of naval operations and rescue.
– Check and preview snaps the necessary processes and procedures.
– The ratification of the ships balance information.
– The ratification of the shipping bulk grain and the issuance of certificates of authority to do so.
– Examination and adoption of safety equipment manufactured locally.
– Laws governing the issuance of fishing vessels and yachts and tourist regulations.
Issuing regulations unexplained Maritime Law metaphor of the country (the Shipping Act 2010) or any other laws issued in the same regard.
– Participation in the development and preparation of commercial fleet Sudanese.
– Participation in the development and preparation of the Sudanese ports.
– Issuing licenses marine surveyor or any other license by Maritime Transport Act 2010.
– Any other tasks in the framework of achieving its objectives.