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Training is the first priority of Sea Ports corporation from the point of view that human resources ate the basic of development. So training department is to implement this policy by training all sea ports corporation staff door to their specialization and their job decryption. To do this training dept, is linked directly .with the top management. Responsible to the management and finance deputy manager. Training department makes an annual training plane for all levels. This plan is discussed due to the general plan of sea Ports The plan covers all different courses some of the courses conducted abroad, other course by different training institute in Sudan and other courses conducted is sea ports corporation training center.
The training center was established in the year 1981 after a new construction of all buildings and facilities as a part of the port development phase No. I it comprises of 6 lectures rooms, administration Bloch for the training manager and the staff, an opera yard for practical demonstration for forklift and crane drivers as well as slinging and cargo handling methods, a workshop. For mechanical, electrical practical training.
The lecture room is for 25-30 participants and smatter library room which is also used as training room for up to 8 participants, All lectures rooms are well equipped, furnished and air conditioned, Also the training center is provided with a canteen and other auxiliary rooms.
Visual Aids:
Complete range of training equipment and audio visual aids available
1 – Film projectors
2 – Multi-media projectors
3 – Lab top
4 – 20 computers for training
5 – Video equipment
6 -Comprehensive set of AV said such as films. Transparences color slides.
7 – Set of mechanical handling equipment (forklift truck and mobile crane as needed.
8 – Set of mechanical , electrical hydraulic models
9 – Set of cargo handling gear
10 – Set of office equipment include copy machines
11 – Over head projectors.
First :
International Courses:
1 – DPD Course:
Port worker development programme is introduce to the training center by (ILO) . Training officers were trained, the material provided and we started conducting course by our training officers, The course comprises of 30 training units.
2 – IPP Course :
Improving Port performance is introduced by (UNCTAD) it is translated to Arabic language , All S.P.C staff in land operation department were trained.
3 – MPA Course:
Train – Sea Coast is a United Nation program. It is located in the training center after training two of the stag in the America and other three from the Red Sea University, a course in marine protected areas conducted in the training center attended by participants from the countries of the Red Sea region and the gulf of Aden,
Second :
Local Course:
1 – Management courses
2 – Finance courses
3 – Purchasing
4 – Mechanical Engineering
5 – Civil Engineering
6 – Electrical Eng
7 – Marine course

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E-Mail : spcp62@sudanports.gov.sd