The Republic of Sudan
Minsitry of Transports
Sea Ports Corporation
Stores & Purchasing department
Contract NO: 6 /2024
The Stores & Purchasing Manager Sea Ports Corporation invites tenderers For: Supply of : UNITS OF AUTOMATIC BARRIER GATE.
Details and specification may be obtained from stores & purchasing office Port Sudan ,during the official working hours on submitting Awritten application bearing astamp duty for one Sudanese Pound and accompanied by unrefundable of 20,000 SDG (Twent thousand Sudanese Pounds) for one copy of such details and specifications.
The closing date for receipt and acceptance of tender by Stores & purchasing Manager (SPC) Port Sudan will be on Monday 8/7/2024 AT or before 12:00 O,Clock Noon Sudan local time .
Also SPC is not responsible for receving offers sent dicrectly with cleary deails or by their e-mail or fax address ,But they can accept offers send by e-mail or fax via any other an intermediary.
The successful tenders must bay 10% (ten percent) from the total of bid currency .The successful tenders must be paid for authentication fee upon conclusion ,the official newspaper fee and decades (By Doullar ).
Bidders (or their delegates) are entiled to attend the opening session in the specified date and time of the tender ,after showing the authorization from the bidder.

Stores & Purchasing Manager

عن ahmed bokab

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